“Your journey to clean businesses and workspaces can start today.”

About Us

FJH Custodial Services is a full-service janitorial company serving the entire Greater Houston Area extending southward to Galveston.

The principal of FJH Custodial Services is a 25-year retired Army veteran that runs his business on the premise of duty and honor. Each day do your very best for the client and tomorrow try to do a little better. The core of FJH Custodial Services is based deep in trustworthiness—all day, every day.

“Your journey to clean businesses and workspaces can start today.”

FJH Custodial Services strives to provide reliable, quality, and affordable sanitation solutions for every home, business and institution we serve. We understand that every job we do is unique, and we will consult with you to create a detailed schedule that fits your needs regardless of the size and scope of the project. This type of attention and personalized service is what has endeared us to our long-standing clients in all areas of Houston and areas to Galveston coast.

Our dedicated staff members demonstrate quality service daily as they are our greatest asset. In this day of high turnover rates for businesses—especially in the cleaning industry, FJH Custodial Service is proud that we have many staff members who have been with us since day one. Treating people with respect and dignity translates into higher job satisfaction and consistent quality service for the client. The safety of your home and business is always a priority at FJH Custodial Services. With trained, bonded, insured and supervised to the highest security standards, our staff members will maintain a professional attitude and work ethic while at your business or home.

We are able to manage and execute different cleaning strategies for various businesses and industries. Every client is different and may have special requests for particular types of cleaning procedures. FJH Custodial Services has the skill set to clean these businesses and industries. Contact FJH Custodial Services to get a plan started for your home or business.

For details and information on the types of business and industries we partner with, please go the Commercial Division for FJH Custodial Services tab on the top of the web page or click here.

Green Cleaning

As technology and manufacturing methods have changed dramatically over the past several years, we want our clients to know that our services can be 100% green and the quality of the result of our work will continue to be best in class and an industry leader.

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