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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Services
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Commercial Services

The one common denominator that every type of business has in our commercial division is that your office, conference rooms, customer area and even warehousing is judged consciously or subconsciously by perspective customers, clients and potential employees by the way it looks, smells and portrays a clean healthy environment.

A clean, sanitized and disinfected place of business, especially when COVID19 is dominating the daily news, conveys to anyone and everyone that enters your premises that you care about them and will not cut corners as many companies have done with regard to industry health standards.

FJH Custodial Services can help your business comply with national, state and local laws, proclamations and good common-sense suggestions as the world leaders continues to try and stop the spread of COVID19 while protecting the people of Texas and the rest of the world.

These are a sample of the businesses we partner with in our Commercial Division:

Post-Construction Cleaning

After you have completed construction on a worksite, the job is not completely finished. The debris needs to be removed, and someone needs to prepare the site for the next phase of development.

When contractors and builders require competent and swift post-construction cleaning services, they request the expertise of FJH Custodial Services LLC. From debris removal to light dusting, our construction cleaning crew does it all.

When you rely on our services, you can rest easy knowing that your worksite is in good hands. Request the region’s most sought-after construction cleaning company by calling (281) 992-2500 today.


Would you trust your money with any financial institution that doesn’t value you enough to have the branch kept clean and presentable? Neither would we. FJH Custodial Services highly trained workforce keeps your financial establishment in perfect operating condition with our unrivaled bank janitorial service program. Contact FJH Custodial Services today and you can focus on your customers tomorrow.


The businesses may have changed but the name of the game remains the same—acquire new customers and retain current clients. Ever lost a client and can’t figure what happened?

Maybe it’s time for a change—a cleaning service change. You will never lose a customer or client because of having FJH Custodial Services taking care of your office or suites.


Your new building project is completed. The tenants are excited and ready to move in to their new office or new home. Only one last thing to do and that is to clean up the construction site. Sounds easy enough and it is.

Contact FJH Custodial Services and watch what happens next. This experienced construction cleanup company will be on site and take cleanup matters in their own hands. Literally. With a fleet of fully equipped trucks and service vans to make the process more efficient and time conscious, the dirt and debris will not know what hit them and how they ended up in the land fill. Not only will FJH Custodial Services clean the outside of the construction property, we are fully equipped and prepared to immaculately clean, polish, and ready your new home or office building for its debut.

A true turnkey situation. So, call the number one choice of builders, contractors and developers from Greater Houston to Galveston for you construction cleanup needs and we’ll give you all the dirt on the professionals at FJH Custodial Services.


One certain fact about cleaning industrial plants and warehouses are never disputed. Both seem to have an endless supply of dirt, grime and an assorted mix of various trash items just hanging around. The odd thing about that is nobody really knows where all it comes from—it just shows up and stays. The big news for you today is that this mystery is easily solved when you begin a cleaning partnership with FJH Custodial Services. Our trained professional staff will hit the ground running and help ensure you have a clean and safe work environment.

Safety in an industrial plant or warehouse is a major issue and needs to be treated without compromise. A clean workplace is a safe workplace. We are sure that you know that many accidents happen and productivity suffers in many of these facilities. But did your know that multiple thousands of people get injured and multiple millions of workdays are lost to slip and fall accidents each year in industrial plants and warehouses? A strict, scheduled cleaning program can help stop these needless mishaps. Having a trained professional janitorial team from FJH Custodial Service applying the proper floor finishes with the correct tools and machines for the job will help prevent the accidents from happening in the first place.

Industrial plants generally have issues with bacteria and germs that can make facilities look bad and rundown as well as smell bad which is not very appealing to customers, potential clients and employees. Don’t gamble with the spread of possible airborne and surface diseases that spread illness to those who enter. Be sure of the solution and ability to manage every microscopic challenge, including Covid 19, by entrusting the heath of your business to FJH Janitorial Services.

The bottom line of cleaning at an industrial plant or warehouse is not for the faint of heart. Being tough on grit and grime requires more than a plan, cleaning solutions and tools of the trade. Every industry has specific set of rules, guidelines and in many cases, laws. Being able to clean in a food processing area will not conform to cleaning in a energy production zone. Knowing and implementing the rules will keep your business clean, safe and profitable. Trust the professional with your janitorial needs at FJH Custodial Services. Contact us today for a cleaning plan and a no obligation quote.

Commercial Cleaning Services

When you need your commercial facilities cleaned, you need to work with skilled cleaners. You need to work with a cleaning company that has a vast storehouse of industrial-grade equipment required to clean the toughest messes. You need to work with a company whose staff has the skills to cater to your demands with ease. In short, you need to work with FJH Custodial Services LLC.

Offering the finest value-driven cleaning services in the region, we are here for you. We’re available for one-time cleaning sessions and regularly scheduled cleaning services alike—and our expertise comes at a great rate, too.

Request our services by calling (281) 992-2500 today.

Count on Our Cleaners

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading commercial cleaning company in the region. We’ve risen the ranks by providing all the services you’d expect from a first-rate cleaning company. What’s more, we provide these many services with unrivaled finesse.

Some of our most requested services include:

  • Floor cleaning services
  • Carpet steaming and vacuuming
  • Waste and recycling removal
  • Window washing
  • Dust
  • Sanitization and disinfectant treatments
  • And more

Janitors Who Clean Your Way

The secret to customer satisfaction is customization. During your initial consultation, we will take all the time needed to learn exactly what you need from us. With us, everything from the cleaning schedule to the frequency of specific services is adjustable. We would never dream of offering our clients anything less than flexible service such as this.

Rest assured, no matter the size of your establishment or the space’s requirements, we will mop away all the stains in sight.

Cleanliness Boosts Productivity

When you rely on our janitorial services, you and your colleagues have more time to focus on important work-related matters. Our years of experience ensure that we will require minimal oversight. We’ll clean without disrupting the day-to-day activities, and we will do so according to your wishes.

Would you like to learn more about our commercial cleaning company? If so, contact us at your convenience.

FJH Custodial Services LLC’s Cleaning Services

Everyone benefits from cleaning services. We believe in catering to the entire community and not just a select range of clients. Over the years, we’ve swept and mopped facilities of all varieties, from local restaurants to dentist offices.

Some of the building-types and industries we serve include:

  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Medical offices
  • Daycares
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Corporate/Industrial Offices
  • Retail Cleaning Services
  • Medical Offices/Healthcare Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality
  • Schools/Daycare
  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities
  • Churches
  • And more

Our Commitment to Clean Commercial Spaces

Most establishments see a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. When you rely on our services, you don’t have to worry about the grit and grime from one day carrying over to the next. We will make sure you begin every day with a clean slate. Your business will surely make a good impression on any person who walks through the doors—and you will have us to thank for it.

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To work with a commercial cleaning company that provides upfront quotes, fast turnarounds, and premium cleaning services, contact us at (281) 992-2500.

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