Healthcare & Medical Facilities

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Healthcare & Medical Facilities


Today’s medical and clinical environments demand strict adherence to healthcare mandates, regulations and standards all set in place to ensure facilities are safe and patients are afforded infection-free care.

With growing concerns for infections acquired during procedures, it has never been more important to engage in a program that reduces infection risks, lowers the high costs on non-compliance and ensures a safe environment for patients.


Cleaning and sanitizing with EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants while following PPE guidelines are strictly adhered to by our highly trained staff. We pay special attention to areas often overlooked by other cleaning services such as light switches, all door handles, keyboards and phones.

You can never be too cautious as a janitorial professional in a medical or long-term care facility. FJH Custodial Services is looking forward to talking with you about partnering with them in these applications.

Green Cleaning

As technology and manufacturing methods have changed dramatically over the past several years, we want our clients to know that our services can be 100% green and the quality of the result of our work will continue to be best in class and an industry leader.

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