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The last thing anyone needs to have happen is to get sick while trying to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle at a fitness center or facility.

Fortunately, FJH Custodial Services has a customized action plan for these types of businesses. From the front door to the showers and everywhere the athlete is working out can be cleaned, sanitized and eliminate contaminants including COVID19. EPA registered products that get the job right the first time—especially when administered by a trained FJH Custodial Services team member.

FJH is the real clean deal for your business.


The cold hard facts of the shopping center business at this present time are online retailers and their next day delivery are taking your customers. Shopping centers can still compete, but they will have to make sure their bases are covered—I’s dotted and T’s crossed. A messy and dirty food court will turn away families—especially with small children and who really wants to eat their pizza with 2 feet of trash stacked on the next table. I submit that nobody wants to eat and socialize in the environment. This is where FJH Custodial Service swoops in and saves the day.

The professional mall cleaning protocol works quickly and efficiently. We suggest that using our service would make people return to the mall when they see the floors are clean and shiny, the trash cans are emptied, the bathrooms don’t smell like dirty diapers and they feel safe to shop with their children.


There’s something about a new car smell. It’s one reason why people like new cars after they get over the sticker shock. The automobile showroom is another story all together. Ever been near the service department bathrooms on a Saturday morning. Some find dodging the rain and lightning under a metal pavilion roof more pleasurable.

The thing is, lots of people go through dealerships everyday. It’s an exciting time for the car buyer but if you own or manage the dealership you don’t want to lose customers from not having a clean, safe environment that is free from trash, odors of unknown origins, dirty-sticky-tire marked floors that never get clean. For any and all of the types of businesses, FJH Custodial Services can use their cutting edge, industry leading cleaning solutions and applications to bring back and keep your customers in this challenging business climate. Being clean is the thing at FJH Custodial Services.


With all the challenges of the past year, nearly every business had to reevaluate their operations and make drastic changes. The Greater Houston Area convention and the resort sites of Galveston were hit very hard. When your client and customer base couldn’t travel to your location—you’ve got a major problem. Now with things loosening up and moving toward a return to normal, your hotel or resort has to be ready for all the people looking forward to enjoy some time at your place of fun and leisure.

Take the extra step with FJH Custodial Services. We will maintain the government guidelines for COVID19 protocols in addition to providing targeted cleaning services. The goal here is to make sure your customers and clients never choose another place to stay on their business trip or vacation because of poor and negligent cleaning of a conference room or a room at the beach.

Based on statistics from the state of Texas, Galveston has had at least 8 million visitors a year for the past 3 years. The direct economic impact of these visitors account for nearly 1.5 billion of the 2.3 billion dollars of economic impact for the city of Galveston. There is enough money being spent here for your business to be successful. Don’t miss out on it because your cleaning service couldn’t deliver what they promised, and your customers leave early and never comes back. They want clean facilities and a safe environment free of unwanted trash and shoddy cleaning methods. We can handle that.

Houston economy did fare better than many large metro areas economically speaking due to the gas and petroleum industry. But until now, as the restrictions are being loosened, the convention and trade show segments were down. Again, based on statistics from the state of Texas, the convention and trade sector bring up to 29 percent of direct economic impact for Houston and they have started ramping up again.

Don’t lose long time clients because your cleaning service was not up to the task and didn’t work as hard at your business as you work on your business. Remember as sporting events and city festivals open back up the greater Houston hotels could see dramatic impact for your bottom line in a short time.

Trust us, FJH Custodial Services, to exceed your cleaning needs and help retain your long-time clients and impress your newest customers with our superior cleaning methods and attention to detail. Contact us today and get back to business.


Restaurant cleaning is very similar. We’ve never heard anyone say, “Let’s not eat here, it smells like fire grilled steaks.” But how many times have you seen the people walk in the front door of a restaurant , start sniffing the air, grab their dinner date by the arm then turn around and leave whispering something about a dirty mop smell. We have….and we can fix your restaurant cleaning IQ.

With dedicated schedule for trash removal, bathroom cleaning routine and a few other techniques—including industry leading products and applications, we can help you not lose customers at your restaurant. Everybody has to eat, let FJH Custodial Services make sure they eat at your restaurant not the other guys.

Green Cleaning

As technology and manufacturing methods have changed dramatically over the past several years, we want our clients to know that our services can be 100% green and the quality of the result of our work will continue to be best in class and an industry leader.

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