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Specialty Cleaning Services


Professional help. Once in a while everyone needs some professional help with pressure washing a stubborn hard to clean area with quick, accurate and safe service. Pressure washing on wood, concrete, metal and brick is one of FJH Custodial Services specialties.

Our skilled staff technician has the precision and training to clean your project without damaging the items being pressure washed. With the industry leading pressure washing equipment and the commitment to do the job right the first time, FJH Custodial Services will not waiver from this standard.

Dirty windows blocked your business’s vision? Can’t see the forest because of the dirty windows? You get it. Dirty window detract from all the good things your business is doing. Don’t let dirty windows keep prospective customers and clients away. Don’t give your regular customers any reason to stop being regular customers. FJH Custodial Services Commercial Window Cleaning Services division is ready and willing to start on your windows today—regardless of buildings types and businesses.

Our fully insured window teams do both the interior and exterior of buildings with streak and spot free guarantee. Sign and canopy, post construction cleaning and frame and windowsill cleaning are available.

FJH Custodial Services can pressure wash any and all items that need that extra cleaning without damage. Our skill set in pressure washing is without equal in the Great Houston and Galveston area. This might not be the Age of Aquarius, but once the FJH Custodial Services Window Cleaning Division cleans the dirt, grease, grime and muck on your windows, then and only then can you let the sunshine in.

Call today for more information on living the clean life at FJH Custodial Services.


The good news is that FJH Custodial Services offers the best in professional carpet cleaning for both your business and home. Having your carpets cleaned by the trained professional staff at RJH Custodial Services is perhaps the easiest and fastest thing to do in making your office and home look and smell newer, fresher, and better. Extend the life of your carpet while removing hard to reach dirt and stains as well as restoring the carpet fiber and bringing it back to life.

As long as we have coffee, kids, pets—accidents will happen. When they do, trust the professionals at FJH Custodial Services. Our customers always tell us that “they wished they would have called us earlier.” Don’t wait, call us today.


If you are hearing about FJH Custodial Services—Day Porter Services, for the first time right now, we want to welcome you to one the best kept secrets in the business. Regardless of budgets, office space and workers employed, many small to medium sized companies use our Day Porter Services to keep their premises looking fresh and clean after the regular weekly office meeting and the before- and after-big-client get-together. Additionally, some of our larger clients use our Day Porter Services to augment their regular scheduled cleaning service because of our lightning quick response time—especially after the unforeseen accident occurs, which requires the proper cleaning equipment and knowledgeable staff using the appropriate technique during the process. We are not just fast to start and complete the important cleaning job for your company—we are instant! With a continuously updated profile of your wants, needs and requests to maintain that professional look, our highly trained staff can get the job done fast and efficiently. People will wonder how you manage to do this trick and you’ll tell them,

“It’s not magic. It’s FJH Custodial Services—Day Porter Services, our trusted business partner and who we sometimes refer to as our “building butler!”

From cleaning and disinfecting surface areas, restrooms and meeting spaces to spot cleaning walls, floors and any other accident-prone area, as well as, trash and litter control including removal in and around your office; our Day Porter Services department is your quick response cleaning team when time is of the essence.


Just because your office floors don’t have the gloss and shine that it used to have doesn’t mean that you don’t notice it or don’t care about enough to have it restored. It could mean that you are so busy doing business that you haven’t had time to start the process. Congratulations! Problem solved. The highly trained professionals at FJH Custodial Services are ready and able to rescue your floors.

We arrive at your office in a timely fashion and then perform our stripping, waxing and sealing/finishing method to your floors. Our industry leading multi-step process will bring back the shine and gloss that they once had. Not only that, but a newly stripped, waxed and finished floor fights dirt, scuffs and accidental damage that could occur, as well as, help in preventing a slip and fall.

Let FJH Custodial Services save you money but not having install new flooring while bringing your current flooring back to life….and you focus on what you do best——business.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you are looking to deep clean your kitchen or bathroom space, cleaning your tile and grout should be a priority. While it is all-too-easy to overlook, your tiles and the grout that holds them in place are notorious for harboring dirt and bacteria that can be harmful to your health, especially in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleaning your tile and grout won’t only allow you to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your home, but it will help you maximize the lifespan of these materials too.

If you are looking to hire an expert to help with grout cleaning, FJH Custodial Services LLC is the name to know. Contact us at (281) 992-2500 to get started.

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